Learning the ‘Zummerzet’ lingo…

If you have read our website you will know that ‘Dimpsey’ is a term unique to Somerset meaning ‘twilight’, ‘dusk’ or ‘low light’. But did you know that us Somerset folk have lots of words that are unique to our region? When actors learn the dialect they are taught ‘Mummerset’ which is where the actors are taught to use a mild ‘pirate’ sounding voice (the oohs and the arrrs) but replace all S’s (and C’s that sound like S’s) with Z’s, all F’s with V’s and if there is a M in the word, to double it. Therefore, ‘Somerset Cider’ is pronounced ‘Zummerset Zider’.
Photo © The Wurzels
Photo © The Wurzels
So now you have the sound of the accent sorted, what about our famous Somerset words and phrases. We can help with that 😉 Grockle A grockle is someone who is not ‘from round’ere’. A non local, usually a holiday maker or tourist. Usage: We love having grockle’s coming to stay here at Dimpsey! How Be On? An easy one this, it means ‘how are you?’ Usage:  ‘Ello Emma, how be on? Nottlin’ Cold Usage: It be right nottlin’ today. Innit Snugh Yes it is, isn’t it? Usage:  It’s dimpsey? Innit snugh? Spuddling To cause an argument or trouble Usage: He be spuddling again! G’woam Going home Usage: It’s a bit dimpsey so g’woam. G’wain Going Usage: I’m g’wain to the post office. Gurt Very Usage: That’ll be a gurt big bee in the garden. Doughboy Dumpling Usage: Stew ‘n’ doughboys. Batch Hill Usage: On top of the batch. Astooded Sunk into the ground Usage: Tent poles astooded! Just to name a few! I hope you enjoyed our little language lesson and remember, whether it’s nottlin’ or hot, we always welcome grockels here at Dimpsey 😉    

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