Be it snow or be it ice, come and cosy up with Dimpsey Glamping.

OK hands up, who had snow overnight? Have you woken up to a sprinkling of the white stuff or maybe you are 7 inches deep in it? Did the snow pass you by but you have icy patches and cold … Read More

Let’s spend the night together under the stars!

Well that headline surely got your attention! Of course, we’re talking about glamping at the Dimpsey hut. We’ve had some wonderful visitors over 2016, and we weren’t surprised by the news this week that there has had a huge surge … Read More

Christmas Magic at Dimpsey Glamping

Days are becoming shorter and the brisk, winter’s nights are beginning to settle here at the Dimpsey Hut; however, the Dimpsey Magic has not dwindled away like our summer weather. After being named after the half-light period in Somerset, Dimpsey, this is a … Read More

Glamping Business Of The Year Award – Dimpsey Glamping Wins GOLD!

It’s been almost couple of weeks now since Dimpsey Glamping won Gold in the Glamping Business of the Year category of the Tourism Awards for Bath, Bristol and Somerset held in Bristol on the 19th October. But it’s been a … Read More

15 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Relax

Every where you go you see ‘life’ being busy all around you. Whether you are working or have children (or both!), maybe you are retired or just lead a hectic social lifestyle. Whenever you are busy, your body is doing … Read More

Dimpsey Glamping brings even more luxury to your stay with the addition of the Hikki Hot Tub!

Who doesn’t love a bit of nature, and of course, luxury? And if you can combine the two, then why not we say! So imagine our delight when we came across Hikki. Hikki aim to bring indoors, out. Through previous … Read More

Have your own private festival at the Dimpsey Glamping Shepherd’s Hut

Regular Dimpsey followers will know that like the lands at the top of the tree in Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree book – the Dimpsey shepherd’s hut moves on to different looks regularly. As June heralds Glastonbury Festival, held in … Read More

The Dimpsey Shepherd’s Hut – Glamping far from the Madding Crowd

Most of the time we all love our families, our jobs, our friends and our lives in general. But every now and again, we just need some “us time” to spend together and remember what it’s like to be “just … Read More

Glamping in a Shepherd’s Hut – 10 top tips…

We stayed in a number of glamping locations as part of our research for Dimpsey (well that’s what I told hubby it was anyway, it’s normally a bit difficult to drag him away from his farm ;-))  As part of … Read More

Glorious Glamping – in a hut??

Not that many years ago, the words luxury and camping didn’t really crop up in the same sentence, but the arrival of glamping (glamorous camping) on the scene has transformed the options available if you’re booking a short break holiday … Read More

The art of luxury…

So welcome to 2015 and it’s finally time to fill in the gaps about what we’ve been doing – so I thought I would use the proverbial kick-up-the-bum” of the 30 Day Blog Challenge to unfold more details about Dimpsey … Read More