Designer enquiries


The Dimpsey Hut just loves being dressed with beautiful UK made accessories – so if you’re a Designer or Maker and would like to be considered for one of our Lovely Looks, please get in touch on

We put our collections together every quarter around a theme and always credit our Designers on our site.  We buy what we need for the hut and stock for our website – but are also happy to send people to your own site for other products.

We also commission pieces specifically for Dimpsey, so please feel free to send us new product ideas as well.

To help you work out if you could be a Dimpsey Designer, we’ve put together a little overview of what we look for when we’re reviewing new designs.

  • Your product must be made in the UK and preferably not available through large chain stores – we like to showcase things that aren’t widely available.
  • The Dimpsey Hut is a luxury Shepherd’s Hut built by so we are specifically looking for interior and exterior products to accessorise the Hut.
  • We prefer to use natural materials and metals, for example leather, wood, pottery, copper, slate and cotton.

Thanks for your interest in Dimpsey.