Louise CotteyI graduated from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 1997, which means that I have now been weaving for 16 years, which seems quite unbelievable really. In that time I have worked as a designer for Keith Robson Studios, an education officer for Coldharbour Mill before setting up on my own. Happily, I have enjoyed a number of commissions including large curtains for the Corn Barn Wedding venue, cashmere shawls for Devon Fine Fibres, a series of throws for Harland Organic furnishings and lengths of fabric for several individuals.

I try to produce a collection of work twice a year to fit in with the season. This usually takes the form of scarves, wraps or blankets, usually woven in wool, but alpaca and hemp features largely too. I try to source yarn and fibre as locally as possible to try to be as eco-concious as possible.

WeavingI hand weave a number of different structures, with my current obsession being woven lace; the light, elegant feel of the fabric just appeals to me. I do occasionally borrow a Hattersley dobby loom at Coldharbour Mill when a project demands a larger loom than my 8 shaft countermarch. However my heart will always be with handweaving and I am as passionate about teaching the craft as I am about doing it myself.

I like to my work to tell a story, from the idea behind the design, to the way that it was woven, to where the yarn came from. I like to use natural fibres and source my yarn as locally as possible to support small scale businesses and reduce my ‘fibre miles’.