The overall Dimpsey website brings together a cluster of British Designers, themed around the Dimpsey Hut with the very real purpose of creating a Luxury Stay place with a truly British feel.

Dimpsey DesignsWe credit all the designers on their individual products, but sometimes you will see Dimpsey Designs listed as a Designer on a product alongside this logo.

This means that it is a design that we have dreamed up ourselves to fill a nook or cranny in the hut. Wherever possible we try to use two different materials, which we hope will become part of what you recognise about the Dimpsey Designs brand – for example on our cushions, we have material and leather.

If it’s something which involves sewing, then the lovely Yvonne and her trusty sewing machine come into play to create beautiful cushions and accessories.

For other items, we use local manufacturers and work with them to get the Dimpsey Designs look and feel.

So…our products are never going to be the cheapest you find – as all our items are lovingly handmade. However in terms of value for money and authenticity – we, and all our other Designers, know that we will deliver for you in spades x