BaastoolsIn 2011 Michelle was made redundant from a job she thought she’d loved for 25 years. She was devastated but also strangely excited. Could this be an opportunity to make some long overdue changes in her professional life and realise a long held dream of being self-employed?

Around this time a friend invited her to a fortune telling night. Now, she is generally sceptical about these things, but being at a bit of a crossroads she thought she’d go along and see what the spirits had in store. The fortune teller told Michelle she saw her surrounded by pin cushions, needles and chairs. Crikey!… was she going to be an upholstress?

Over the next few days the idea started to sink in….and feel right….really right. In fact, it felt amazing! She could get out of the rat race. She could be self-employed. She could be an upholstress!

She took the plunge and two weeks later started 18 months of training with the Association of Master Upholsterers.

The first time she picked up a tack hammer she knew…this was the job for her!!

One year in and she set up her own upholstery business; North Wales Upholstery, and it was during a tea break from a particularly challenging chair that she was looking at the sheep in the fields surrounding her workshop and mused ‘they look like little footstools. Hmmmmmm…sheepskin covered footstools. Oh yes!’ Baa Stool was born.